10 Reasons to Eat Less Meat

When people say ‘no meat’, the first thing that comes to mind is probably veganism or vegetarianism. These are two examples of a diet that excludes meat, but not the only ones out there. The fact that they completely remove meat from your diet can feel extremely intimidating. But there are good reasons to remove meat from your diet. That’s why many diets, although they don’t remove it completely, still recommend you remove it as much as you can. In fact, here are 10 reasons to eat less meat, without committing to a vegan diet completely.

Think About the Animals 

Intensive farming has become an oppressive norm for many farm animals. They live in congested spaces and experience quite a miserable life.

But what brought intensive farming to fruition? High demand. So many people are eating tons of meat every day, which means farmers and companies needed to find new ways to get a lot of meat to stores, fast.

Lowering your own consumption can help lighten the load of demand and bring healthy farming methods back into the industry. The animals will most definitely thank you for it.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Livestock alone is responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gases, and animal agriculture makes up 15%. The pollution makes its way to landscapes and waterways when mass production is the sole focus.

By reducing your own consumption of meat, you’re no longer supporting this pollutive industry and reducing the demand, so they have to make less which means less pollution too.

Improve Your Own Health

WHO (World Health Organization) classified processed red meats as carcinogenic. This means they have the potential to be a cause of different cancers. Reducing how much you eat inevitably reduces your chances of getting cancer later on in life. 

Reduce Your Own Expenses

The cost of meat has risen quite a bit in the past few years and looks to keep doing so. If you want to give your grocery bill a break, try cutting out the meat from your list, or reducing it to a more manageable amount. You’ll find that the savings can be quite motivating to keep meat off the menu.

Nutrient-Richness in Alternatives

Once you switch up your regular meals, you’ll find that plant-based and meat-alternative meals are actually quite nutrient-rich! Natural foods such as greens, fruits, vegetables, beans, and lentils contain plenty of vitamins and minerals, and much fewer calories and fats.

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Meat Can Be a Carrier

One big problem with meat is preparation. Whether you’re eating out or buying meat, there is the chance of preservatives and unwanted particles making their way back to your kitchen.

There’s even a chance of meat containing a disease! Rather than risk this unexpected visitor, try keeping meat to a minimum.

So Many Alternative Diets Exist Today

There are so many diets you can try out to reduce meat in your life! Flexitarian, Mediterranean, and plant-based. They’re all here to help you not only remove meat but establish a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. There are even products nowadays dedicated to these diets to make grocery shopping much easier.

Reducetarian Diet

This diet plan deserves its own acknowledgment. Not only does it help you reduce your meat consumption, but it is also a community of people committed to eradicating everything wrong with the animal agriculture industry. From pollution to the mistreatment of animals, cutting one meal of meat out of your life is a huge step in helping reducetarian dieters reach these goals.

Less Meat Can Make Other Health-Related Goals Easier

Taking meat out of your life can also make other health-related goals easier to achieve! Without meat, your body has more energy to dedicate elsewhere besides digestion. You can feel energized and lose weight quicker the more you shed the spotlight somewhere other than meat.

Feel Great About Yourself

Now that you know there’s more to removing meat than simply being a vegetarian or vegan, you can feel amazing knowing that you’re helping the planet, animals, and yourself by taking simple steps away from one part of your diet and looking to other better, healthier options.

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Stay healthy,