10 Ways to Reduce Meat Consumption

By now, everyone is familiar with the rapid-growing trend of reducing meat from your diet. There have been many reasons behind the abandonment of meat, and more are sure to come.

Red processed meats have been associated with cancer causes, and the entire industry of animal agriculture produces 15% of total global warming. Animals are being mistreated due to intensive farming methods, and the price of meat has skyrocketed.

All of these reasons are strong, but many people can’t change their diet overnight, removing meat from their plates instantaneously. Instead, a more realistic goal would be to reduce the amount of meat you eat regularly and get used to its absence before you think of removing it completely.

Here are 10 ways to reduce meat consumption in your diet, without getting rid of it completely.

Focus on Meatless Meals

Try to look for meals that don’t require meat in them. A lot of people settle for the dishes they know and never look to newer options. One quick search and you’ll find that there are so many different meals you can make! If you’re looking for inspiration, then be sure to check out my YouTube channel for recipe videos I post on plant-based meals!

Remove a Specific Type of Meat

You don’t have to remove all meat from your life, just start with one type. Beef can be your starter since it’s more expensive and there is greater controversy surrounding the beef industry. Stick to fish and chicken for a while and see if you can handle it. You may find you like other meats better than the one you’ve removed from your diet.

Combine Meat and Non-Meat in Your Dishes

Try recipes that combine meat and non-meat ingredients! Removing meat from the center stage of your food can be the first step towards finding alternatives. The biggest challenge to overcome is relying on meat as a brace for your food. Once you discover more possibilities, reducing meat will feel much more manageable.

Research Alternatives Before Cutting

This is a big one. Many people make the choice to cut out meat without doing any authentic research. They don’t look up alternatives or meat-free diets to follow. They’re not sure what supplements the proteins you would receive from meat, and end up lost and returning to meat which is something they understand.

Commit One Day of the Week to No Meat

Rather than telling yourself you’re going to cut your meat consumption every day, dedicate one or two days in the week to reducing meat. Start with a weekend, so you can experiment with new recipes and have more time to find the right ones. Once you’ve gotten accustomed to meals without meat, you can incorporate them into your busier schedule.

Incorporate more Whole Foods

Whole foods are also a blessing that many people don’t take advantage of. These are unprocessed foods, left in their most natural state. They’re healthier and usually aren’t partnered with meat in recipes. The more whole foods you’re using, the more justice you’re providing your body.

Don’t Do It Alone

Diets are a hard commitment. Even when they are not premade plans, committing to any sort of reduction in consumption requires effort and consistency. If you want to make this change a little easier on yourself, find someone who can do it with you such as a partner or a friend who also wants to cut meat down. Use each other as support, and share your own recipes and ideas with one another.

Create a Journal

This one requires a bit more effort, but it works! Creating a journal around what you’re eating and how much of it you’re having will give you a better idea of what you like, what you need, and what you can remove.

The next step is to start pre-journaling your meals based on what you know about yourself. If you enjoy greens and fruits, base more meals around these. If lentils and beans are something you enjoy, find more recipes surrounding these foods. Catering your dishes to your own preferences while avoiding meat as the main course can make reducing it much easier.

Find a Meal Plan

When all else fails, you can resort to pre-designed meal plans. This has worked for many people, and this could work for you too. Being completely lost on a journey is normal; that’s why we invented maps.

If you’re interested to join the 30-day plant-based challenge, then check out my plant-based transformation program. I can help you reduce the amount of meat you consume by showing you great alternatives!

Never Give Up!

Trying to remove anything from your diet can be hard, and withdrawal hits hard when you start missing the aromas and flavors you’re no longer getting. But always refer back to the purpose of your choice, and find motivation in your progress!

Stay healthy,