5 Habits for Glowing Skin

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An effective skin care routine is a must for keeping skin looking fresh and youthful. On the outside, skin needs to be nourished properly during different times of the year as it is always exposed to the effects of changing weather and the sun.

On the inside, skin needs to be well hydrated and provided with all the nutrients that will help retain its firmness and resilience.

Here are some basics tips to maintain healthy looking skin, no matter what your age.


Drinking lots of water is key to keeping the body healthy. And one of the effects of a well hydrated body is supple and fresh looking skin. When the skin is nourished internally by good hydration, it can better fight signs of aging like wrinkles, flakiness or dry skin. While keeping it hydrated internally by drinking lots of water, it is equally important to moisturize it externally so that outside elements like the weather do not damage skin.


Eating lots of fruits and vegetables to get skin friendly nutrients in your diet can help rejuvenate the look of dull and tired looking skin. At the same time, it is important to ditch junk food and sugar that can have very harmful effects on the appearance of skin.


Wearing sunscreen is a must in all seasons, even in winter. For maximum protection from the sun a good non-toxic sunscreen should be applied before stepping outdoors.

For Dry Skin

Use an hydrating moisturizer. This should be applied after cleansing face and hot, long showers should be avoided.

For Oily Skin

A light moisturizer should be used. Also use oil blotting papers which are very practical to carry and absorb oil, not your makeup.

For Winter

Winter skincare needs special attention as skin is exposed to both drying and heating systems. It is recommended to use humidifiers, cut down on long hot showers, and apply lip, hand, face, and body protection daily.

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