7 Celebrities Going Plant-Based/Vegan

Recently, so many celebrities have joined the trend of picking up healthy eating habits, with a good number of them now adopting plant-based/vegan lifestyles.

Also, in a bid to help raise awareness about the effects of nutrition on health, celebrities have used their popular status to promote the benefits of switching to a plant-based/vegan lifestyle.

  1. Venus Williams

Venus is the oldest active player in women’s tennis rankings, and at 38 years old she is still a force to reckon with. This is not as easy an achievement as it looks, considering the fact that in 2011 she was diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome. It is an autoimmune disorder which caused her to experience pain and stiffness in her joints as well as fatigue among other symptoms, all of which could end her career.

She decided to change her diet, and adopted a raw vegan diet which she claims helped reduce the symptoms, and gave her the energy to return to fitness on court.

  1. Tom Brady

The New England Patriots quarterback through the span of his career has been known for healthy living. He has managed to maintain his dominance through his 30’s and continues to go strong into 40.

It is no secret that he attributes his top performance and fitness levels to his vegan-based diet. He is known to stick to it throughout most parts of the year, and is now actively involved in encouraging other NFL players to adopt this lifestyle.

  1. Lewis Hamilton

Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton also recently switched to a vegan diet, and intends to keep this lifestyle. Although, it is not clear if his actions might have been initially caused by fitness concerns because he is known to show concern for animal welfare. He however credited his win in the U.S grand prix to his new vegan diet.

He claimed to be feeling at his physical best in 32 years thanks to the vegan diet.

  1. Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain is an Oscar nominee and a Golden-globe award winning actress. She switched to a vegan-based diet, after she made use of a vegan food delivery program her friend passed up. She noticed changes in her energy levels which had increased since she started the program.

It had previously been a problem for her to get that level of energy because she had been suffering from being really low on energy. Although she never intended to go vegan but this experience helped her make the change to this lifestyle.

  1. Princess Love

The popular reality TV star credited her incredible weight loss, and overall health turnaround to her decision to switch to a vegan lifestyle. She stopped eating junk food, started a vegan-based diet, and her weight dropped from 163lbs to 123lbs.

She claims to be feeling a lot healthier since the decision to go vegan, and it definitely shows in her new look. This is an indicator that vegan-based diets can be very helpful in battling weight problems.

  1. Kyrie Irving

Boston Celtics one-time NBA champion has recently opened up about his health and diet. As a top basketball athlete, he always needs to be at top fitness levels, and always makes use of a lot of energy.

To keep himself healthy through the season, he has been on a plant-based diet, and is off animal products. The results have been evident in his energy levels while playing, as he claims the diet helped raise his energy to the highest levels ever.

  1. David Carter

The former NFL star switched to plant-based diet due to health reasons, and is now popularly known as” the 300 lb vegan”. During his playing time he had to eat anything he felt would keep him in the size class he needed to play. His choices led to him developing health issues, one of which was tendinitis.

The switch in his diet helped him improve his health and his body began functioning better. His experience has now made him a strong advocate for plant-based and vegan diets.

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