Air Doctor Air Purifier Review 

Your health is not only a product of what you consume and how you take care of yourself but how you manage your environment as well. A clean and safe environment will completely change your health and wellness for the better. Here is my Air Doctor purifier review.

One of the variables in your home which you can control is the air that you breathe. Current air has a lot of dust and debris mindlessly floating around, finding its way into your lungs with ease which is no fun. Whether you’re someone who suffers from allergies or you’re simply conscious of these things, there is a perfect air purifier for you.

I recently purchased the Air Doctor 3000 Air Purifier and I am happy to vouch for it as a worthy purchase. It does its job silently and efficiently, cleaning the indoor air in your home significantly. You get good, clean air from this air purifier no matter the time of year and it’s extremely easy to use.

The Air Doctor 3000 is one of three model air purifiers that are sold to comfortably provide clean air in your home. It’s a compact unit that allows you to place it in any room anywhere in your house.


There are many features to enjoy with every Air Doctor that help convenience you in your own home! First, there is the UltraHEPA filter which contains a high-efficiency particulate air filter. This filter helps removes 99.97% of dust, mold, pollen, bacteria, and pet dander. It’s great for people with allergies as allergens are removed from the air.

The Air Doctor series uses dual-action carbon filters, gas trap filters, and a VOC filter! With this lethal combination, it’s going to be very hard for particle stragglers to float in your home! The air purifier also comes with an automated air quality sensor. It can detect when there is more debris in the air.

The system is 100% sealed to prevent invaders from damaging the air purifier system and ensure nothing collected finds its way back out. The Air Doctor air purifier has a change filter alert so you can rest assured you’re always getting high-quality clean air, and it promises a quiet performance that won’t interrupt the ambiance in your home.


There are four different fan speeds to choose from and the Air Doctor 3000 covers 638 square feet 4 times an hour or 1,274 square feet 2 times every hour. The lowest fan speed is 39 decibels while the highest speed is 59 decibels. It weighs 18 pounds and has two built-in recessed handles. The dimensions of this Air Doctor air purifier are 15.75 by 8.35 by 23 inches.


The carbon and filter on the air purifier have to be changed around every 6 months, depending on your use. This can build up to be quite the expense as changing the filters is not a recommendation, it’s a requirement.

Also, the UltraHEPA filter needs to be changed every 12 months and costs the same, making it less of an expense for Air Doctor users.

With a plastic body and removable filters, it’s easy to clean this air purifier routinely. Remember, the performance of your air purifier can be improved temporarily by cleaning out the filters. I try to vacuum them, about once a month to help extend the life of the filters.

Different sizes available

Basically, the Air Doctor 3000 is also known as ‘The Classic Defender” since it’s the medium one. There is also the Air Doctor 1000, 2000, and the Air Doctor 5000. Check out the one that suits your needs.

What is ACR?

Now, you may have noticed that I mentioned how big of a space the Air Doctor 3000 can cover. Which is 638 square feet 4 times every hour. You may be wondering, what I mean by 4 times every hour.

This refers to the air change every hour. Air needs to move around in order for it to be clean air. Most air purifiers will max out at 1 or 2 changes every hour, which is not enough. With an Air Doctor, you can expect complete air changes every 15 minutes, maxing out at 4 times every hour.

The statement ‘638 square feet 4 times every hour’ translates to the air purifier providing clean air every 15 minutes. That can easily be your bedroom, kitchen, or home office.

What is CADR?

Certainly, the next important term to know when understanding your air purifier is CADR. This stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. CADR ratings help you determine how much of a specific invading particle can be filtered out of the air within a set amount of time.

Therefore there are three levels of CADR, 20-micron particles (such as pollen), 5-micron particles (such as dust), and 0.1-to-1-micron particles (such as smoke). What you want to focus on is the smoke CADR number. This tells you how efficiently it can filter out the smallest of particles in the air. The higher the CADR rating, the better the performance.

The CADR rating for the Air Doctor air purifier for smoke is 340, which is a good rating for a medium-sized air purifier.

Is this Air Purifier Covid-19 Safe?

The answer to this question is yes! The UltraHEPA filter was tested and proven to work against airborne Covid-19 viral particles in the air. The success rate is 99.97%, with the ability to remove airborne particles the size of 0.003 microns! Therefore, this air purifier captures floating viruses, but it cannot prevent transmission or kill them.

Final Words

I for one am very happy with my purchase of the Air Doctor 3000. It provides my home with clean air and does its job efficiently and quietly. To have the Air Doctor 3000 running in the background of my home makes it feel safer, and cleaner.

Lastly, I would gladly recommend this to anyone else who is looking for a quality air purifier to have at home for the dispersal of clean air all the time. Learn more about the Air Doctor air purifier.

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