Benefits of a Plant Based Diet

In a world where junk food rules, staying in shape can be a difficult thing to do. However for those who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle and get back into shape, the plant-based diet is one way to shed the weight and keep it off too.

Here are some ways a plant-based diet can help you reach your weight loss goals.

  • Don’t skip meals

Many people make the mistake of skipping meals when it is the wrong thing to do. Avoid skipping meals and have meals that contain a good combination of plant based protein foods and whole carbs such as lentils, fruits, vegetables and legumes.

Start the day off with a meat-free breakfast and shift to food like oats, green smoothies, fruits, and whole grains, vegetables, legumes that are healthier to consume. Cut down on refined carbs as they contribute to weight gain and have whole foods which are minimally processed.

  • Get adequate protein

Make sure to include a protein based food in every meal such as cooked lentils, beans or chickpeas. Even for snack options, go for a protein-based snack such as a smoothie fortified with plant-based powders like pea protein, hemp protein or rice protein. You can also sprinkle flax or chia seeds to pack in omega 3s.

  • Have sensible snacks

Try eating fruits as snacks since they are a healthy option that can help you keep in shape along with satisfying your sweet cravings. Fruits like strawberries, apples, and berries are low calorie options.

  • Avoid overeating

Just because fruits and vegetables are low calorie options doesn’t mean they should be overly consumed. Keep an eye on portion size and based on your body requirement consume only what is needed and avoid the excess.

  • Timing matters

People make the mistake of consuming larger meals at the end of the day when these should ideally be consumed earlier on so that energy is properly utilized throughout the day. Consuming larger meals towards the end of the day means storing unnecessary energy that will be wasted and could have been used if the meal had been consumed earlier.

  • Plant-based junk food is a big no

Having junk food is bad enough and plant-based junk food is no different. These foods are made from highly processed ingredients and are calorie dense options. Having these foods as an occasional treat might be okay but consuming them on a daily basis should be avoided as there is no way they will help you get back in shape.