Bioenergetic Testing with Balanced Health & Save $20

The truth is, just about everyone can benefit from knowing their body better. Discover your wellness issues through a comprehensive hair and saliva test called bioenergetic testing with balanced health & save $20.

As a holistic health coach, I understand the importance of screening for underlying issues. When I started getting unexplained rashes on my stomach for months, I knew my body was trying to tell me something.

I started looking for holistic health testing that I could do from home. After researching several options, I decided bioenergetic testing with Balanced Health was a great option for my needs.

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Bioenergetic testing can help to test stressed systems of the body. It can help identify resonating stress in relation to imbalances in organs and nutrition, food sensitivities, emotions, toxins, hormone and nutrition imbalances, and more.

Now, I’m excited to share more about my experience with them.

Bioenergetic Testing with Balanced Health

Balanced Health is a company that offers at-home bioenergetic testing, consultations, and holistic and natural remedies.

They set out in 2011 with the goal of helping people, especially those with chronic illnesses, find natural ways to live healthier and happier lives. Rather than offering diagnostic tools that are common in western medicine, Balanced Health does holistic energy testing.

When you sign up, they send you a kit that walks you through collecting hair and saliva samples. Then, Balanced Health technicians test the energetic resonance that comes from these samples.

They’re able to test for system performance, energetic sensitivities, nutritional imbalances, resonating toxins, and hormonal and nutritional imbalances. Finally, they recommend natural remedies to get you back to feeling like yourself.

Hair and saliva tests are one of the most popular bioenergetic testing methods because they have the means to provide a comprehensive overview of the body and how well its energetic pathways are working together, without being overly intrusive.

The cells in our bodies store an immense amount of information. Just about everything we come into contact with is stored within the cells in our body which includes toxins, emotions, viruses, and stressors.

Balanced Health’s Full Scan

There are several options to choose from, including full scan, sensitivity, balancing, dietary, remedy, prenatal, and awareness scans.

I decided to go with the Full Scan. It’s the broadest and most all-inclusive option. Once complete, you get a vast range of insights.

Because emotional stress and tension are stored in the body, a physical test (such as a hair and saliva sample) may tell how stress affects the body.

The overall goal of the Full Scan is to bring your body into balance while achieving optimum health. Once the test is complete, you receive a detailed report on the findings. You can see a sample report.

You also receive a consultation with a professional, where you’ll go over your results and next steps.

My Experience with Bioenergetic Testing with Balanced Health

Once I completed the Full Scan, had my consultation, and got started on the natural remedies, I saw great results. My sensitivities in my personal report included a few nuts, grains, and some environmental considerations. I followed the regimen set out for me. I started feeling better and soon found my unexplained rashes clear way.

For me, it was more than just helping me clear away the rashes; I enjoyed the discovery process of learning about the inner workings of my body. It helped to further myself on my personal health journey.

I learned that I have stresses in my liver and gallbladder, which explained some other issues I have been experiencing. It truly showed me how interconnected our health truly is. On top of that, having a regimen to follow gave me proactive steps to avoid further problems and work towards restoring balanced health.

Now that I’ve experienced it myself, I decided to share my experience with trying bioenergetic testing.

I was able to learn so much about myself and found the report and consultation so enlightening.

Discover Balanced Health Today

Many people have used bioenergetic testing to find clarity and guidance with their health concerns. Some of these concerns include hair loss, fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, leaky gut, allergies, and more.

If you’re interested to try out one of their kits, visit Balanced Health and use coupon code EVAKIT at checkout to save $20 on any scan. Or you can use EVAKITSUB at checkout to save $5 every month on any subscription package, or use EVAKIT5 to save $5 on your regimen.

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