Chemicals in Cosmetics

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To keep skin looking great year after year, many of us rely on various beauty products. But with the huge variety of cosmetics available, it is not always easy to make the right choice.

And if anything, true beauty should be more than just skin deep. So for getting younger looking, healthy skin, choose products that do not contain toxic ingredients that could create other health problems for you. 

The best thing to do is to use only natural products on skin as much as possible. I myself use Miessence and Living Libations.

This is important as what you put on your body gets absorbed through the skin. Many products contain hundreds of dangerous synthetic chemical compounds that can harm our body in different ways.

To make their products last longer and clean better, the cosmetic industry does not essentially require any premarket safety tests, monitoring or labeling.

As a result, synthetic ingredients get incorporated into the products, end up on your skin and eventually get absorbed into the bloodstream.

To avoid chemicals, reduce the number of products you use and only stick with those cosmetics that are labeled chemical-free, natural, and organic. For every chemical product that is removed from your skincare regimen, the risk of exposure to harmful ingredients is also minimized.

At the same time, avoid products with synthetic fragrance. The term fragrance can mean any number of possible chemicals including phthalates which are used to make fragrances last longer, in shampoos, hair gels, lotions, and deodorants.

Phthalates can easily disrupt the body’s hormones so it is best to choose products that are fragrance free or those that have been infused with natural fragrances like essential oils.

Another ingredient to avoid is paraben which is used in shaving cream, makeup, and shower products. Parabens are used to prevent bacterial and yeast growth in products and their continued use is thought to be associated with a growing risk of breast cancer.

Swap your beauty products today for healthier options!

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