Culinary Nutrition with Meghan Telpner

Culinary Nutrition with Meghan Telpner

After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and finding her own holistic and integrative health solutions, Meghan Telpner wrote and released UnDiet and The UnDiet Cookbook.

Next, she developed The Academy of Culinary Nutrition. She combines her nutrition education and an accessible approach to healthy eating and cooking with fresh whole foods.

UnDiet & The UnDiet Cookbook

Meghan Telpner’s books focus on teaching a simple, whole foods approach to nutrition. Her first book, UnDiet makes healthy eating accessible. It explains how to begin adding more whole foods to your plate.

Rather than the diet culture mentality which teaches deprivation, UnDiet teaches vitality and mindfulness. It includes an 8-week transformation plan and 35 plant-based and gluten-free recipes.

The UnDiet Cookbook is created as a further resource and guide. It includes 130 recipes, but it’s much more than a cookbook.

It also has guides for creating a healthy pantry and tips for staying healthy while traveling. Furthermore, this instructional book provides cooking tips, health washing alerts, and even DIY beauty care recipes.

Culinary Nutrition with Meghan Telpner

I personally have both books and have tried the recipes myself. You can see in the picture that I have added tabs all over her books! The recipes are delicious and make it so easy for anyone to follow a gluten-free and dairy-free diet that focuses on overall health.

Starting Your Culinary Nutrition Education

Meghan Telpner brought nutrition and culinary skills together with the Academy of Culinary Nutrition Expert program. If you want to get a taste of the program without jumping all the way in, she offers a free online mini-course.

I’ve done it myself and found that it truly is a simple, easy way to get started with creating healthy eating principles in the kitchen. If you’re just getting started with eating gluten and dairy-free, I highly recommend checking it out.

Everyday Culinary Nutrition

The Everyday Culinary Nutrition program is a four-week program and is a great place to begin your health journey. By the end, you’ll have learned how to make meals and staples that are both easy to cook and, most importantly, delicious.

The recipes are created to help you and your family get excited to cook and eat healthy meals made from scratch. The course ensures that you will learn how to integrate these skills into your everyday eating for lasting results.

Everyday culinary nutrition

Culinary Nutrition Education

Finally, Meghan Telpner founded the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program. It’s a fantastic fourteen-week program and includes weekly live virtual Q&As.

You will receive evidence-based course notes and professionally filmed videos of cooking demonstrations and lectures. A coach provides feedback on your recipe assignments and works with you to set up a cooking or demo workshop.

During the course, you get to choose a specific condition to focus on and build skills around. You will also have access to a community of peers, interested in health and nutrition.

Once completed, you become a certified cooking instructor and can teach your own workshops. You can read my personal review of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition.

My Overall Thoughts

Meghan Telpner has made healthy eating and nutrition accessible for all. I love that she provides simple steps that make health both attainable and delicious. If you wish to begin your healthy journey, I highly recommend reading her books or fantastic programs.

Definitely check out her free mini-course. It truly showcases the value that she provides in the Everyday Culinary Nutrition and Culinary Nutrition Expert programs. Whatever stage you’re in, you’re taking a big step toward a healthy lifestyle.

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