Essential Tools for Health Coaches

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Whether it is for personal or professional needs, the internet can help in many ways. One of the latest trends involves businesses joining and setting up an online presence to make it more convenient for potential clients to become aware of the services offered. 

Health coaches who offer a wide range of services can greatly benefit by setting up a website that provides not only information about the services offered but also acts as a medium where clients can get in touch with their coaches, asking for advice or other information. 

However, to successfully run an online business it is important that you have an eye-catching yet informative setup through which consumers can look at what you are offering. After all, there is a lot of competition out there and you want to make sure that your services stand out from other health coaches.

To do this the right way, there are various online tools present to help make life easier and help with the development of an online business.

Some of these Tools that Can Really Help you Promote your Online Presence Include the Following:

#1. Register your Domain Name

Before you create your website, you need to purchase a domain name which acts as an identity for your business. This name is unique and no other business can claim or use the name once it has been purchased. A business can get its very own domain which can then be used by consumers to find the business online.

# 2. Create Beautiful Website Pages

Optimize Press was created so that health coaches like you, who aren’t programmers and who don’t know how to code, can easily build beautiful pages inside of a website/blog, to grow your company online. Optimize Press gives you the tools and strategies you need to market, sell, and deliver your products online. Everything you need, in one place! And at an affordable price.

#3. Build your Website with WordPress, if you are Tech-Savvy!  

This is an online open source website creation tool that health coaches can use to publish their written content online. You can use this tool to have full control of your website and customize it in any way you want.

 # 4. Host your New Website

To create a website, hosting is required that will help its viewership on the internet and Siteground can help with this. Through Siteground you can make the website live and also secure it.

# 5. Add a Digital Shopping Cart to your Site in Minutes

DLGuard is a digital shopping cart. This means that you can easily add your digital products to the cart page and it will then create a secure and easy to use shopping cart for your customers. It allows your customers to buy as many of your products as they wish, and then pay for them all with one payment.  

Membership sites are a great way to earn a recurring income from your business, as well as an excellent way to offer product updates to your customers. With DLGuard you don’t need any extra software to create a membership site; DLGuard does it all.  

  #6. Build your Email List

This online tool can be used to help generate an email for your business through which different customers can contact and address their queries. Through AWeber, you can indulge in email marketing and make your product/brand viral by sending authentic and verified emails to your target audience informing them about what you have to offer and stay in touch. 

Email marketing is an effective way of telling the targeted market about any new upcoming offers, and more and increase the number of users by having them subscribe. It easily integrates with Paypal as well!  

  #7. Add Images to your Website/Blog Posts

Through Shutterstock, health coaches can access thousands of different images, vectors, videos to make their website more interesting. Visuals can add a lot of appeal to a website and may draw in a bigger audience or one that may not like to read everything but prefers watching short tutorials instead. Depending on your content requirement, you can then purchase Shutterstock images.

#8. Create Professional-Quality Designs

Social media is a very important and a powerful way to make your online business viral and one such tool that can help with social media post designing is Canva. 

Hiring a graphic designer can be costly at times which is why this tool is a perfect substitute that provides access to a number of designs and templates through which creative and attractive posts can be designed. The best thing about Canva is that anyone can use it, eliminating the requirement of having experience in graphic designing.  

 #9. Turn Clicks into Customers with Beautiful Landing Pages

Designing website pages that are easy to read and easy to use is extremely important to an online business. This tool is helpful when designing landing pages for a website as it helps bring leads or organic traffic that is interested in what you have to offer.

So here are the 9 essential tools to help build an online business for health coaches & wellness entrepreneurs.

I hope you found this article helpful and that you are excited to build your online health coaching business. 

*This post contains affiliate links.