Happi Earth Laundry Liquid

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When it comes to cleaning, sometimes we are not aware of the damage it can cause to our homes, or worse even our body and health. With so many laundry liquids available on the market, it is hard to find something that is both friendly to the environment and our health as well.

In case you didn’t know, surfactants are used in all kinds of common washing liquids. They are known as the cleaning agents that help get rid of dirt and cleanse our clothes but what most people are not aware of, they can actually be the most toxic chemicals used in households everyday.

Although there are a lot of chemicals on the market, luckily there is a certified laundry liquid that is both healthy for your skin, and great for your home.

It’s called Happi Laundry Liquid.

Let’s talk about what is so great about this laundry liquid.

Benefits of Happi Laundry Liquid

  • The company plants a tree per purchase – One of the many good things about this product is the fact that they plant a tree every time someone purchases. All the trees will be planted in the Happi Forest. In case you didn’t know, mangroves help remove more than 5X more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere compared to any other tree and benefits the environment in a positive way.
  • It’s Pure – Happi Liquid is a harvested, fair-traded and certified laundry liquid free of GMOs’ or hidden ingredients. The contents of this liquid include only organic ingredients like soapberry nut concentrate, organic ethanol, organic bean glycerin, organic orange essential oil, and organic eucalyptus essential oils.
  • High Performance – Among other well-known brands, Happi liquid performed 61% better. The highly concentrated blend of organic contents will leave a powerful and delightful smell on your clothes, leaving it fresh and clean. Even better, it’s not bad for your skin.
  • The price is fair – Sometimes, laundry liquid can cost a fortune even for just a small bottle or a sachet. With happy liquid, you do not even need to worry about the price, because you only need to make a once per year purchase which saves you 60% more on your laundry costs every year. Additionally speaking, less hassle as well when buying new laundry liquid.
  • It’s uniquely packaged – every time you make a purchase, it reduces 13 bottles of plastic on average from the environment. By making a purchase, you can make a huge impact, because you can refill the packet, while 1L or 34 fl oz lasts 400 wash cycles.

Purchase a Starter Pack of Happi Laundry Liquid Today

If you are conscious about how you make an impact on the environment, then this laundry liquid will be for you. Not only does it promote better living, safer laundry trips, and better health, but it will also leave you with less hassle every time you have to do your laundry.

Take advantage of this now, and purchase one for yourself. You’ll see that it’s the best money that you have ever spent on laundry liquid.

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