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The Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition offers courses that cover all areas related to nutrition.

One of these courses is the Nutraphoria Advanced diploma Holistic Nutritionist course which caters to individuals who want to pursue their education and work with a wider range of clientele. It is the second tier of a 2 tier course and to be eligible, students need to have finished tier-one successfully.

Advanced Holistic Nutritionist Course

This is Tier 2, which is an advanced version of Tier 1 and allows students to engage in and work with more complex cases. This advanced course is not only a good way to gain work experience but also enhance knowledge and understanding of a particular situation. The course is internationally recognized and emphasizes greater detail on nutrition sciences, mind/body nutrition and can help students achieve a nutritionist designation. The course consists of 3 components which are as follows:

Anatomy and Physiology

This is the study of the body systems and focuses on complex structures. The course highlights and emphasizes anatomy as well as how the various body functions work to maintain homeostasis.

To make the course more understandable, videos, slideshows, as well as animations, are provided. The estimated duration of the course is 2 months, but students may complete it sooner based on the number of hours they invest in study time. All kinds of preparation materials are provided.

Some of the topics that will be covered in this course include studying the male and female reproductive system, cardiovascular system, digestive, excretory, and urinary system.

Nutritional Symptomatology and Pathology

This course enhances understanding of why a body may have nutritional deficiencies and what might be the potential causes for it. The course will help by providing possible answers and solutions as to why this may happen.

Studies regarding cardiovascular and metabolic systems will also be covered and their relationship with nutrition and diet. Solutions include learning about the options for treating disease with the help of nontoxic natural therapies.

The estimated duration of the course is 4 months based on study time invested, and preparation material will be provided. The course will help understand and learn about various health problems such as anxiety, depression, and cancer among others.

Mind/Body Nutrition

This course will help improve understanding of the relationship between the mind and body. The course focuses on providing a guide to nutrition that the brain requires for brainpower.

The estimated duration of the course is 2 months and all kind of preparation material will be provided. Some topics that will be covered in this course include studying the nervous system, how to overcome depression and symptoms of poor digestion.

After every lesson of every course, a test will be taken and once the course is completed a final exam will be conducted in which 80% marks are required to pass.

The overall Tier 2 program can be completed in a period of 9-12 months after which a professional and stamped diploma will be provided.

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