How Lack of Sleep Affects your Skin

Getting your beauty sleep is not just an expression but a reality that can have actual consequences on the condition of your skin.

Lack of adequate sleep can have devastating effects on health and beauty. After a restless night of disturbed sleep, the skin looks tired and dull with bags under the eye area. On the flip side if you wake up after a restful sleep, you naturally wake up refreshed, alert and vigilant.

A good night’s rest between 7-8 hours is considered ideal by most people. But just as a minimum number of hours is recommended for a good night’s sleep, overdoing it can also have negative effects.

People who sleep for longer than the recommended hours on a regular basis, can also have their skin looking fatigued as instead of recovering during their shut eye time, the skin cells can overdrive into breakdown.

Good sleep habits are not only practiced during sleep but also before falling asleep.

For instance, it is important to finish eating 3 hours before going to sleep. Since metabolism will also be slower during sleep time, it is good to not overload the body with food too close to bedtime as dietary changes can cause sleep problems.

Sleep in total darkness. This practice ensures a sounder sleep experience with less disruptions or disturbances leading to an uninterrupted sleep pattern.

At the same time, the bedding should also be comfortable preferably using pillows and sheets of “organic cotton version”.

The room temperature should be at a comfortable setting, neither too warm nor too chilly for the best sleep experience.

Just as physical comfort is important for good sleep so is mental relaxation. Try not to bring the day’s work, conversations or other activities to bed and try some relaxation techniques instead.

For those who like to nap during the day, the best time is between 1-3 pm when a 20 minute nap can leave you feeling energized.

Start your better sleeping habits today.