How to Get Back on Track

Getting back on track after a big holiday or a food filled vacation can be hard. But instead of feeling guilty or beating yourself up, try these simple tips to refresh your healthy eating habits.

Revisit your motivation

It was probably motivation in the first place that got you eating right. Now is the time to renew that motivation and recreate those same sensations to help you get your incentive back.

Plan meals

Planning meals ahead of time can help you win half the battle of getting back to eating healthy. With meals prepped before time, there is no need to spend hours calculating what to eat and then giving in to temptation at the last minute, when you don’t have anything ready. You are most likely to go for that bag of chips or a sweet treat from the pantry. Don’t!

Healthy grocery shopping list

Successful meal planning comes with a well thought out grocery list. Write down everything you need for your weekly menu so that you do not derail when in the snack aisle. Only pick up what is on your list and head out.

Start your day off right

Breakfast needs to be done right, so start your day off with a healthy green smoothie, a quinoa fruit salad or an avocado toast with egg. There are a number of breakfast ideas that can nourish you well at the start of your day and keep you going all day long.

Prepare healthy snacks

Meals are one thing and snacks another. Snacking is where many of us get carried away. Instead, invest a little time and thought in putting together healthy snacks like baked kale chips, trails mixes, hummus or fruit options to keep you on track.

Reduce stress

Knowingly or unknowingly, stress can be a big factor in how much and what you eat. Cravings tend to hit most of us when we are at our weakest emotionally. So emotional eating can easily sabotage all weight management issues. You can try to keep your home free of hard-to-resist comfort foods, distract yourself with a hobby or activity or even keep a food diary to monitor your eating patterns under stress.

Don’t stop moving

Exercise is a great way to relieve stress, ward off boredom, and take care of your overall health. It will also keep your mind off eating if you tend to binge or rely on comfort foods. Plus, exercise can also help burn off extra calories while you were off plan.


Proper rest is crucial to feeling good about everything around you, including what you eat. A disturbed sleep cycle can change eating habits for worse, with the possibility of late eating habits, eating more than usual and craving extra carbs and fatty foods.


And when you are following any or all of the above tips, do not forget to keep yourself well hydrated. Often thirst is mistaken for hunger so drink water when you feel like eating off schedule, wait 15 minutes and see if you are still hungry!