Making Chocolate at Home

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Who doesn’t love chocolate? Not many people I know fall into that category so I think it is safe to say that (almost) everyone loves chocolate. But I am not talking about the chocolate varieties that you get from the store. Instead my focus here is on raw chocolate that can be prepared from the comfort of your home.

What Is Raw Chocolate?

Chocolate making is an art that people have practiced for over 10, 000 years. Raw chocolate can offer many benefits including an increase in health and vitality. Chocolate boosts mood and improves emotions. It acts as a de-stressor and can well amplify your nutrition and metabolism.

If you want to learn all this and much more about making raw chocolate at home, you have come to the right place. You can now join a wide audience of people who have already signed up for David Wolfe’s Making Chocolate at Home program.

What Is The Program?

This program gives you a comprehensive step-by-step look into the world of chocolate making. The program is compiled of video lessons each with a distinct focus.

With this program, you get instant access to fun & simple videos, complete recipe guides and a history and science of chocolate.

In a nutshell, the program covers everything from planting a cacao tree to becoming an expert and running your own chocolate class and everything in between!

But a closer look will tell you that there are important and invaluable components in the program including:

  • The benefits of chocolate to the body
  • Superfoods that can be added to a raw chocolate bar
  • How to handle a cacao pod correctly
  • Ways to prepare cacao
  • Prepare medicinal mushroom teas with chocolate
  • Make chocolate treats
  • Pass on your learning to others by running your own chocolate class

This video chocolate course is not just a course for interested cooks but also one for business enthusiasts. While it is true that the course instructs on the art of chocolate making, it also gives you tips on how to turn your passion for chocolate making into a career.

The course also includes three bonus lessons including:

Bonus # 1: Run your own chocolate class

These special lessons tell you how to get started and plan your chocolate making lessons.

Bonus # 2: Raw chocolate pudding

A cooking class in every way, this lesson pairs you up with master raw chef Elaina Love and how to make delicious chocolate pudding using raw ingredients.

BONUS # 3: Non-dairy chocolate milk

Work with master nutritionist Malcolm Saunders to find out how to make non-dairy chocolate milk.

Where is the Course Available?

Like many of David Wolfe’s other courses, this course is available at the Body Mind Institute website.

So, for all the chocolate lovers out there, check out this phenomenal course here.

I took the course myself. Take a look at my creations below. It’s fun, easy and a great way to eat healthy chocolate!

Take the course today. Click here.

* This post contains affiliate links.

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