Raw Desserts Chef Certification Review

A great way to create beautiful & delicious plant-based raw desserts.

Here is my raw desserts chef certification review – Crystal Dawn Culinary 🙂

There is quite the confusion around raw foods and how to re-create them in all their splendor. You may be ambitious and motivated to make delightful desserts raw. But there is still one more step required in order to achieve your goal; guidance.

After searching for the right guidance, I have come across a great program that helps you create plant-based, raw vegan desserts just like the professionals!

The Raw Desserts Chef Certification program will help you obtain a professional level of dessert know-how, which you can use as you please.

Now, what I enjoy about this course is the level of freedom that it provides you. Everything you make is authentic, with plant-based ingredients and simple instructions to follow.

Our mentor, Crystal Bonnet, provides you with recipes and guidelines in their easiest form, making this program doable no matter your prior skill level.

You can communicate concerns and interests swiftly through the Facebook group and email, which really helps you from feeling alone during this culinary adventure. There is no pressure either because once you’ve enrolled in this Raw Desserts Chef Certification program, there is no set deadline for you to finish it!

A few of the raw desserts I have learned to create with this course.

Meet Chef Crystal Bonnet

Chef Crystal Bonnet is the inspiring creator behind the Raw Desserts Chef Certification. It helps you along a step-by-step journey to polished and pristine raw desserts. It’s a comfortable program that reassures enrolled students that delectable vegan desserts and health-conscious diets really can go hand in hand.

Crystal has vast experience in culinary and nutrition education. As well as intensive industry experience to back her classes and teachings.

Furthermore, from the development of her own curriculum lines to menu consulting and being a full-time chef, there is plenty to learn which she passes down to all of her students.

She is a self-made international raw food chef, instructor, and the author of her own cookbook. The pride of her career is making plant-based foods that are healthy and hearty, being easy to incorporate into your kitchen and lifestyle.

The three phases of her Raw Desserts Chef Certification course are based on four pillars of essential knowledge before you can pursue perfection for your raw vegan desserts.

A few of the raw desserts I have learned to create with this course.

The Four Pillars of a Raw Dessert Cuisine

To go over them briefly, these are the criterion which this program has been built upon that everyone is provided once they enroll in these classes.

  • Firstly, the first pillar consists of your expert training and theory. Behind every masterful pastry is a layering of theory and understanding of the ingredients and techniques you’re using. Being a beginner in this arena, you’re not at all expected to whip out delicious delectables immediately. Instead, you must go through the concepts first to get to the final results.
  • The second pillar is where many people can find themselves demotivated but is essential if you’re keen to progress. This is real-time and continuous feedback. You should actively look for the critic’s eye to help you identify what your strengths are, and what you can do better. With an inflow of constructive criticism, you can correct mistakes confidently and create an even better dessert than ever before. Sometimes an outside perspective can help you locate what you couldn’t understand on your own.
  • The third pillar focuses on current trends and keeping up with your culinary education. Cuisine art, in no way, is stagnant. Since we’re dealing with plant-based and vegan recipes, there is no way you can remain ignorant to the latest news and still expect to be on top. With innovative strategies and fresh minds entering the playing field all the time, the best benefit you can provide yourself is staying updated.
  • Finally, there is the fourth pillar which is your differentiation from the rest! Be unique, be you, and let your style take over your recipes! Whether for personal development and self-achievement or in light of a career you’re eager to follow, earning a certification such as this one from Crystal Dawn Culinary can be your first step in self-actualization.

These four pillars uphold the entire foundation which this course is built upon, so I, as well as all other avid participants, can be confident that they’re getting lessons from a true master chef.

The Three Phases Behind the Program

The Raw Desserts Chef Certification program is open about its content, which is something I value very much. It helps ensure that this course is trustworthy and allows me to hold it to its promises when taking the course myself. There are three distinct phases you should expect to go through while pursuing this certification.

Phase 1

The first phase is your preparation and theory. Understanding what you’re working with and how to properly work with it is the basics you should know before getting experimental with your ingredients. But this doesn’t include only ingredients! In fact, you’ll get to learn about the equipment, techniques, tips, and tricks that’ll help construct the stairway to success!

There are five modules in this phase:

  • Course Introduction
  • List Master
  • Culinary Ingredients and Storage
  • Foundational Concepts
  • Preparation Recipes

Phase 2

Phase two is where the hands-on experience really comes into play, and you get to see your skills take off!

Each creative recipe is complemented with professional videos, demonstrations, continued communication and feedback, and advice for every dish.

While testing out the waters, I get access to a private group of chefs who are always available to help out with questions. Generally, completing this phase takes around 3 to 6 months. But worry not, since there are going to be helping hands every step of the way.

The modules under this phase are:

  • Create Beautiful Garnishes
  • Healthy Breakfast and Snacks
  • Gourmet Raw Chocolate Foundations
  • Gourmet Raw Chocolate Advanced
  • Dairy-Free Ice Cream
  • Plant-Based Cheesecakes
  • Traditional Pies Turned Healthy
  • Stunning Tarts
  • Dehydrated Pastry
  • Gourmet Cakes and Entremets

Phase 3

The final phase you face is certification. The course comes to a close here as you earn your certification using everything you have learned. There will still be help to guide you through these last steps and prepare you for the title of Raw Desserts Chef.

There are only two modules left to go through:

  • Creative Recipe Writing
  • Certificate Submission

Lastly, your last steps are to combine the entrepreneurial and culinary sides of your personality to reveal your inner chef. With an expansive knowledge of sweets, treats, and healthy goods to eat, it’s time to conquer the kitchen!

This is my absolute favorite part of the program. It gives me the confidence and skillset to make dishes from my own experiences and preferences. I get to not only learn the ropes but wield the reins of my own culinary freedom.

The Cost of the Raw Desserts Chef Certification Program

The Raw Desserts Chef Certification Program is available for purchase here at a price of four monthly payments amounting to $257 each. However, if you would rather go for a one-time payment, you can access the all-inclusive program at an amazing price of $997.

Therefore, if vegan desserts are an endeavor that you’re passionate about, then the Raw Dessert Chef Certification is definitely worth looking into!

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