Simple Daily Beauty Routine

In order to maintain clean, healthy, beautiful skin on a daily basis, follow the instructions below.


Wash your face with a product appropriate for your skin type twice a day: once in the morning, to prevent breakouts, and once in the evening, to remove dirt and makeup. It’s especially important to cleanse your skin at night, in order to remove pollution, oils, dirt, and other substances that accumulate during the day.

At night, a creamy cleanser works better to remove makeup. Massage the cleanser into your skin with your fingers and then remove the cleanser with a warm, muslin cloth. If wearing foundation, cleanse twice. Afterwards, pat your face with a cloth wrung out in cold water.


After cleansing the skin, you should apply toner. A skin toner takes away any last traces of the cleanser you use to wash your face, as well as any remaining makeup or dirt. It also tightens pores and hydrates the skin so that it can receive the full benefits of the ingredients in the moisturizer.

Soak toner into a cotton pad and gently smooth over your neck and face. Avoid applying around the eye area, because skin in that area is very sensitive. Afterward, blot excess with a dry tissue.


After applying toner, moisturize the skin. Moisturizer helps to seal all the moisturizing benefits of the toner deep in the skin.

Use a moisturizer appropriate for your skin type for all areas of your face except for around the eyes. Apply an eye cream beneath your eyes and leave the area between your eyes and eyebrows bare.

Pamper yourself at home. Enjoy!