Stop Putting Chemicals on Your Skin

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Beauty products are meant to enhance features, hide flaws and improve the overall condition of your skin. And considering the huge number of beauty products available, it should be relatively easy to find safe products that suit every skin type. However, that is not always the case.

Despite the wide variety of products available, not all cosmetics are safe to use.

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Many companies use chemicals and toxins in their products to extend their shelf life, to give longer lasting results or simply to make it more attractive, but while all this is going on, the effect that these toxins can have on your skin is highly detrimental. And the damage does not stop there.

Not only is the appearance of the skin affected, but these chemicals can also affect your health in a negative manner.

So the real purpose of using makeup is essentially defeated when we use dangerous products that aggravate the skin and hair instead of making it healthier and prettier. We use many products to combat the problems but instead they make it worse; there has got to be a better way to treat your skin!

The skin is the body’s largest organ that keeps rejuvenating continuously.

As such it is important that it receives all the right nutrients to keep it well nourished. To keep it looking fresh and healthy, only safe, non-toxic cosmetics should be applied to the skin. Instead of relying on chemically manufactured cosmetics, think of safer, natural alternatives to bring out the best in your skin.

If you want fewer toxins on your body, have sensitive skin or if you have allergies, stay clear of toxic cosmetics and beauty products. Toxic ingredients in personal care and cosmetics contain ingredients that have chemicals that are associated with all kind of problems that can make you sick, without you even knowing it.

Everything that you put on your skin gets absorbed and finds a way to reach the bloodstream. Once these chemical ingredients are inside the body’s systems, they can wreak havoc in so many different ways.

To nourish skin naturally, rely on foods that could benefit your skin. Instead of banking on chemically manufactured creams and lotions, look for fresh homemade beauty recipes that can benefit your skin. There are a number of foods that when eaten or applied to the skin as masks can do wonders to improve it from the inside out.

Other important considerations are to stay away from products that have strong fragrances, harsh ingredients, preservatives, additives and fillers.

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