My Story

Hello! I’m Eva. I help and inspire people to eat more plants!

My entire approach is to stop focusing on “how much you eat” and start focusing “on what you eat”! Makes sense?

A bit about my Story

From a very young age, I struggled with digestive distress such as bloating, upset stomach, and abdominal pain every time I ate certain foods.

I visited a lot of doctors and got a lot of testing done but they could never find anything. During these years of trial and error, I would eat certain foods and experience bad abdominal pain, ending up at the hospital numerous times.

It was only when I switched to a mostly plant-based lifestyle that my whole life shifted. I started feeling better.

This worked for me and motivated me to dig a little deeper. I decided to study holistic nutrition and started adding real food into my body while ditching all the processed foods.

The difference I felt was amazing. With this shift in my diet, I began to see the change and made real progress.

I also decided to detox my beauty cabinet and added organic beauty and personal care products.

The whole experience was such an eye-opener.

What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic nutrition is all about eating healthy food as close to its natural state as possible for optimum health and well-being. Holistic nutrition addresses how lifestyle factors and diet work together to influence health.

Why did I decide to study Culinary Nutrition & Holistic Nutrition?

I have two stories to share here – both valuable in terms of what I gained from these learning experiences.

My first story…

First off, I worked for many years in the beauty world as a beauty advisor recommending makeup and other popular commercial beauty products to women.

I loved the field but the one question that always confused me was why there was always a new cream promising younger-looking skin, yet never any long-term results. (For those of you, who invest in these products, you know what I am talking about).

The dilemma still continues with newer and often more expensive products entering the market- each promising to deliver better results than the previous one. This got me thinking and I started to feel bad every time I recommended a new product to someone but only offered nothing better than a quick fix.

Eventually, my conscience got the better of me and I left the industry because I no longer believed in those beauty product lines. 

So, I moved ahead and joined Miessence – a company that offers organic, clean, and safe products for the whole family. It only boosted my determination to move as far away as possible from any chemically or synthetically manufactured products.

Then comes my second story…

When I graduated in business administration, I worked for a few years in disability insurance handling disability files of employees. All I can say is that this experience was an eye-opener to my own health and to what was happening in the world.

The more I worked with these files, the more aware and alarmed I became by the day. I saw more and more cases of degenerative disease.

That was a time in my life when I truly felt helpless. There was not much that I could do except continue processing the medical papers and applying the rules for their sick leave from work.

That is also the time when I decided to begin my studies in holistic nutrition and realized that a lot of these degenerative diseases could be prevented if people knew how to take care of their body and change their eating habits.

I am a true believer of Hippocrates in terms of “You are what you eat’’. I believe that by adding in the real whole foods and living a healthier lifestyle we can change our path to better health.

That is why I created (formerly to help others on a path to healthier habits and happiness.

So how can I help you, you may ask?

My part in this whole scenario becomes obvious when you decide to make a change.

I only work with real foods that provide real and nourishing nutrients.

There are so many people who want to live a healthier life but they just are not sure how to do it and where to begin. Most become overwhelmed and give up even before they start.

At this point, let me just say that I would like to help you when you are ready.

This is how I can help:

Plant-based, gluten-free recipes & lifestyle tips on my Plant-Based Eva YouTube Channel.

You can build habits that last with these weekly pre-recorded audio sessions. Listen to the 12 Weeks to a Healthier You Coaching program.

The 30-Day Plant-Based Program is an ideal way to reset and detox your body. If you’ve ever thought about trying a plant-based diet but weren’t sure where to start, then you don’t want to miss this.

You can also join my newsletter and receive the Free “15 Easy Plant-Based Recipes for Beginners”.

Read articles from my Plant-Based Eva blog.

So, when you are ready to make the change to better health, I look forward to helping you reach your goals so that you not only start to look and feel better but also age better as well.

Stay Healthy,