The Benefits of Using Homemade Beauty Recipes

Anyone who takes care of their skin or is conscious about achieving a flawless complexion can tell you that facial masks can do wonders for the look of your skin. And when these masks are made from pure and natural ingredients, their effect can be lifelong.

In fact, food has been used for beauty purposes for thousands of years providing long term results in keeping skin fresh and rejuvenated. All that is needed is to gather the right ingredients straight from your kitchen, pantry, fridge, or garden and put them together in an effective way that will cleanse and hydrate your skin optimally.

The trend to turn to commercial beauty products gained momentum in the 1960s and 1970s when large cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies started selling us everything we use on our skin and telling us we need new products every season.

In the process of looking for fast and convenient solutions for our skin care, we chose to neglect the fact that these products are packed with chemical ingredients, skin allergens and other additives that may be successful in achieving short term results but can only have negative results in the long term; not only compromising the natural resilience and age defying properties of the skin but also affecting our overall health as well.

To keep skincare simple and natural, look at natural ingredients found around your home and try incorporating them in your lifestyle routines. This means taking care of what you eat, as healthy dietary choices will help the body and skin from the inside. And since what we eat will affect our skin, it is best to consume fewer processed and packaged foods and stay with fresh foods and produce instead.

Apart from dietary choices, you can also use food to apply to your skin externally so that it is replenished on the outside as well. Making homemade beauty recipes also helps to keep the use of synthetic ingredients to a minimum, only restoring skin with all natural ingredients instead.

Advantages of Using Food on your Face

Among the many benefits of using homemade beauty recipes there is the distinct advantage of cheaper prices. You do not need to go out and purchase special products but can do with what is already available at hand. Moreover, using all natural ingredients is a great option for sensitive skin.

In the absence of any preservatives, additives, artificial fragrances, or synthetic dyes, you do not have to worry about potential allergens or skin reactions. Such homemade recipes do not contribute to environmental waste such as packaging, and animal testing.


On the flip side, homemade recipes are perishable and will only last for so long. Without preservatives and other additives, homemade beauty products will spoil quickly and will need to be used up before they do so. This also means that a new application means putting together a new recipe every time which can be time consuming and perhaps a little messy as well.

However, putting in a little time and effort to keep your skin looking young and chemical free, can easily outweigh the convenience of buying chemically laden commercial beauty products!