Time to Clean Out Your Pantry

We’ve all been there-stacking up old jars in shelves, pushing boxes further in cabinets, or simply piling up expired items that are not worth using anymore. If you find yourself nodding in agreement to any or all of the above, then it is time you clean out your pantry!

Kitchen pantries are expected to stock everything from food and cooking items to utensils, small appliances and much more. To make the most of this limited space, kitchen storage organization ideas can help significantly. As a starting point, the most important thing is to have a system that can allocate a spot for everything and accommodate all items in a designated space.

Clean out the old stuff

Go in your pantry and take a sniff. Is it filled with various aromas, and not the good sort? Do you smell a different herb from every corner of the pantry, or worst, do you perhaps smell dampness and stale food?

Throwing away a jar or two will not do the trick in this case. What your pantry needs is a fresh start. It needs everything gone, needs to be cleaned with a proper plan and then organized.

Clean out the bad stuff

Once the old and expired stuff is out, look at what else is stocked in there. You may well have all the intention to eat fewer cookies and more fresh fruits, but if those cookies are lurking in there somewhere, they will find you. So do a clean sweep and away with items that will derail you from your healthy eating plan. Be realistic about allowing a few treats to stay but every other temptation needs to go.

Restock with healthier options

Throwing away unwanted stuff is not much good unless you restock it with healthier options. Consider easy go-to staples such as whole grains, beans/lentils and other high fiber foods. also, get some healthy snacks like seeds and nuts.

Have a plan in mind

A well-stocked pantry will stop you from ordering pizza the next time you are tight on time. Instead, it will help you figure out exactly what you need to buy so that you have access to quick meals to stay on a healthy eating track. It will also prevent you from the frustration of taking out an expired ingredient in the middle of cooking.

Pay attention to appliances too

Pantries are storehouses for small appliances as well. So, just as you clean out the food items in the pantry, do the same for appliances as well. Sort out your juicer, blender and food processor so they are easy to see  and you will be surprised how often you may actually end up using these since they are now easy to reach as well.

To conclude, unless you decide on going through with emptying out you pantry completely, there is no way you will follow through with the plan. You will always end up restacking the same things over and over again, every single time.

Now, its time to clean up that pantry. Are you ready?