Why Sugar is Bad for your Skin

Pretty and tempting as they may appear, cakes, cookies, candy, desserts do no favors to the complexion or the waistline. But it doesn’t just stop there. Even savory treats that are carb laden like bread, pasta and crackers are also guilty of the same crime.

When looking for a radiant complexion, sugar spells trouble. Sugar can have disastrous effects on the skin causing many problems.

One such issue is that of inflammation that can affect skin tone and texture leading to a dull complexion.

Once inside the body, sugar attaches itself to collagen which is the protein that keeps skin smooth, firm and elastic. With collagen being weighed down by sugar, it is not unusual to experience sagging skin and the on start of wrinkles.

In addition, high sugar levels can dehydrate the skin making it appear dull and wrinkly.

The reason why other foods like pasta, white rice and bread also fall prey to sugar imbalances is because when pasta and rice are consumed, the carbs are converted into sugar.

To eradicate the bad effects of sugar on the skin it is important to consume foods containing vitamins A and C as well as those rich in omega fatty acids.

Apart from the obvious sweet treats, sugar may also be disguised in many foods and be known by less familiar names such as fructose, dextrose, maltose etc. In fact many of the foods that have ingredients ending in “ose” are actually all different forms of sugar.

Another key point to remember is that while avoiding sugars, one should also be drinking plenty of fluids to keep well hydrated. Now fluids should also be selected wisely as water should be given preference over sugary drinks like sodas, fruit drinks and other fruit juice concentrate.

With all the adverse effects sugar has on our skin, it is an open secret that consuming too many sweets can make us age faster. A low sugar way is the best way to get the beautiful skin you want!

Source: https://www.webmd.com/diabetes/features/how-sugar-affects-your-body